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Topic: Ivacy VPN app not working on kodi with linux. OpenVPN execute with root rights without root passwd for Ivacy APP

Ivacy is a VPN provider which can be used for Kodi. You are free to use VPN you like but Ivacy is relatively cheap and provides a APP for kodi which will hide you from the bad things out there.

But! There is a catch, on my OpenSuse machine the Ivacy APP needed some change and configuration.

First you will need to install the App following this

After the installation and USER:PASSWD configuration of the APP, you will experience some issues if you run your Kodi with a non root user.

1. Ther first issue was that the APP will try to write the log file to /run which is not permited for a non root user and other issues .

FIX: For this you will need to adjust some python code in $HOME/.kodi/addons/service.ivacy.monitor

1. in File libs/ on line 74 simple change 'return "/run/openvpn.log"' to

'retPath = os.getenv("HOME") + "/openvpn.log"
        return retPath''

2. in File libs/ on line 37 change 'use_sudo = False' to 'use_sudo = True'

3. in File libs/ on line 94 add the line 'if p == platforms.LINUX and use_sudo : command = "sudo " + command'

 2. OpenVPN needs root rights and must be called with sudo, however you dont want to enter the root passwd every time.

FIX: Enter rules in suduers file

1. login as root with 'sudo su'

2. edit the sudoers file with 'visudo'

3. look for "## Cmnd alias specification" and enter the alias 'Cmnd_Alias OPENVPN = /usr/sbin/openvpn'

4. look for area "## Runas alias specification"
enter 'User_Alias ADMINS = YOUR_USER'

5. look for area "## Same thing without a password" and enter 'ADMINS ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: OPENVPN'

6. save with 'ESC'  and enter 'wq!''

Now you need to logout or reboot and use the Ivacy app.

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